Who Can Join WNC? Everyone is Welcome!

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) is open to all residents of the City of Toronto. Fees vary depending on residence location and the type of membership that you are interested in.

General Membership

General membership is open to residents of our catchment area, which is as follows:

South of Front Street – North of Lake Ontario – West of Yonge Street – East of Strachan Ave.

Associate membership is available to those who reside outside our catchment area.

WNC fees are moderately priced to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to join:

Membership Fees/Year

Membership Group Community Associate
Family $12 $16
Adult $8 $11
Youth $6 $8
Child $5 $6
Senior $6 $8

Why Become A Member?

Your membership supports your community! In addition to giving you access to a wide range of WNC programs, your membership fee contributes to program costs and supporting social service needs in this community.

Benefits of Membership

As a Member of Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre you can:

  • Avoid paying the 10% surcharge on all programs for non-members
  • Join and participate in all WNC activities, in most cases free of charge.
  • Rent space at WNC for meetings and special events.
  • Have access to free space for community meetings.
  • Vote for and/or serve on our Board of Management and Board Committees.

How Can I Join?

To purchase a new membership or to renew an expired one, please complete the WNC Membership Form below. Stop by Reception with your completed membership form and the applicable membership fees, our staff will be happy to process your application and create a membership card for you.

For more information

For more information about WNC membership, please contact

416-392-1509 ext. 301

May 18, 2021

Program Guide

Annual Report

Facility Rentals

2019 Annual Report

Meeting spaces, gym, dance studio, outdoor basketball court, and multimedia are available at competitive rates. Funds raised help to support WNC programs and services.

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