Policies and Procedures

Program Registration Guidelines

Municipal Election Protocol

As a City of Toronto agency, Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre has a legal responsibility not to provide any unfair advantage to any candidate, political party, registrant or a supporter of a question on a ballot during an election. Those renting and/or using WNC space must also adhere to this protocol while at the neighbourhood centre.

City of Toronto Policy on Use of City Resources during an Election

Risk Management Procedures for Programs, Services and Activities

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) has specifically designed Policies and Procedures and adheres to City of Toronto’s policies which relate to our organization’s risk management procedures for programs, services and activities:

Risk Management Procedures for Programs, Services and Activities (PDF)

Concussion Prevention and Management Policy (PDF)

City of Toronto – Workplace Violence Policy (PDF)

City of Toronto – Anti-Harrassment Anti-Discrimination Policy (PDF)

WNC Incident Reporting policy (PDF)

Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) has adopted the following Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures to ensure that all employees/volunteers and those associated with the WNC are knowledgeable about, and take specific measures to protect children and youth in the course of their work and volunteer efforts.

Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Information Bulletin for Children and Youth Programs

Accessibility Policy

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) is committed to diversity and social inclusion and to meeting its obligation under Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), by providing accessible environments that respect the rights of every individual.

Learn more about Accessibility at WNC.

Code of Conduct

As a reputable child/youth-serving organization, Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) has developed the following Code of Conduct to guide our employees and volunteers which is in addition to the City of Toronto’s Employee’s Conflict of Interest Policy which all employees of WNC must also abide by.

How to File a Complaint

Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) is committed to providing quality programs and service. However sometimes things go wrong and you may not be satisfied with the service that we have provided.

Learn more about filing a complaint.

Further Information

If you have any questions about these policies or would like additional information, please contact

Natasha Francis, Executive Director (Acting)
📞 416.392.1509 x309 | 📧 natasha@waterfrontnc.ca

Eneyda Guerra, Assistant Executive Director (Acting)
📞 416.392.1509 x309 | 📧 eneyda@waterfrontnc.ca

May 20, 2021

Program Guide

Annual Report

Facility Rentals

2019 Annual Report

Meeting spaces, gym, dance studio, outdoor basketball court, and multimedia are available at competitive rates. Funds raised help to support WNC programs and services.

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