Priority Directions and Actions 2018 – 2021


To champion community engagement & outreach:

  • To engage community members within the Waterfront neighborhood, particularly new residents, to promote community and civic engagement.
  • To encourage volunteer development within our community that is growing rapidly and which reflects broad diversity along social and income lines.
  • To strengthen and expand WNC’s communication capabilities and community awareness in order to reach out to a growing vertical community.

Social Development and Economic Vitality

To deliver programs and services which meet the needs of WNC’s diverse community:

  • To plan for program and space use needs in order to set priorities for services based on demographic trends, community needs and facility resources.
  • To respond to the particular needs of community members who are at risk, vulnerable, marginalized or isolated.
  • To establish program fee assistance equity goals in order to reduce barriers for program participation.

Fiscal Sustainability

To expand WNC’s financial capacity:

  • To build WNC’s fundraising capacity.
  • To diversify WNC’s funding sources.
  • To advocate and pursue funding for WNC’s building and technology needs to meet the demands of a growing community.
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