If you want to meet, we have the space! WNC meeting spaces, gymnasium, dance studio, outdoor basketball court & multimedia are available at competitive rental rates. Funds raised through rentals help to support WNC programs and services. Want to see our rooms in action? Visit Facilities

Room Capacity
U-Shape / Theatre
Waterfront View Rental Fees
Nonprofit / Commercial – Plus HST where Applicable
Dance Studio
29.2′ x 53.2′ – Sprung hardwood dance floor, mirrored walls, ballet bars
75/100 Yes $26/$79 per hour
Medium Assembly
Mirrored wall
45/80 $26/$79 per hour
Assembly Room A
23.1′ x 20.1′
20/40 Yes $16/$37 per hour
Assembly Room B
18.6′ x 20.8′ – Oblong boardroom table with executive style chairs
16/40 Yes $16/$37 per hour
Assembly Room C
20.5′ x 23′ – Mirrored wall
20/40 Yes $16/$37 per hour
Garden Courtyard
36.6’ x 38.1’ – Seasonal use BBQ, tables and chairs with umbrellas
Max of 50 people $26/$79 per hour


All rooms have access to the following multimedia equipment – TV, DVD/VCR, Projection Screen.
Available for rental:

  • LCD projectors
  • Microphones
  • Sound Systems
  • Wireless Internet


  • 80’ x 60’ Sprung hardwood floor
  • High ceilings
  • Partition divides room in half
  • Portable stage and curtain backdrop
  • Built-in sound and lighting systems
  • Projection screen
  • Maximum 288 people per half room
  • Maximum 576 people per full room

Rental Fees:  Plus HST where Applicable

  • Non Profit: $158 per hour
  • Profit: $315 per hour
  • Leagues: $68 per hour

Outdoor Basketball Courts


  • Rated #1 court in Toronto by CourtHawk.com
  • Rubber court surface and classic backboards
  • Night time lighting


Rental Fees:  Plus HST where Applicable

  • Hourly Rate: $158 per hour
  • Full Day: $1805
  • Basketball League Rentals: $68 per hour

Book Space

All renters are required to sign WNC’s standard “Declaration of Compliance with Anti-Harrassment/Anti-Discrimination Policy” document in adherance with City of Toronto’s policy. For more information and to book space, please contact Oriel Boothe, Facility Manager: email | 416.392.1509 x.329